SkyHiAustralian Shepherds

Growing up, two dogs left lasting impressions on me.  One was a lean, agile, blue working dog with a rough coat and a "what's everyone standing around for?  We got work to do!" attitude.  The other was a gentle red merle who shared toast and coffee every morning with my grandfather before they headed out to work.  These dogs left a longing in me that I couldn't put my finger on for a long time. 

When I decided to get a dog for competition obedience and agility there was never a question in my mind what breed I wanted.  The breeder I got Skye from invited me to my first confirmation show.  Skye won his first puppy class that day and even though he was the only one in his class I was hooked. 

Since then we have explored ASCA and AKC Confirmation shows, Obedience and Agility competitions and have even tried our hand at painting our favorite Aussies on everything from Canvas Aprons to T-Shirts. 

The longing I felt has been replaced by a sense of completness and peace.  All is right in the world and I have the muddy pawprints to prove it!  We hope you will check back with us from time to time to see how we are progressing and to see if we have added anything new.

Susan Harris
ASCA Breeder Judge/Owner/Breeder/Handler

P.S.  My Uncle Howard, the owner of the we gotta job to do blue merle, has left us recently.  He died in a mining accident accompanied by his wife and their two dogs.  Without his influence I would not be so involved with Australian Shepherds.  I miss him.

We are a small kennel located in

Central California